Digital Animation Award

I created a 30-second 3D animation in three weeks as a sophomore in high school.


Dates Jan. 2018
Tools Used Blender
FamiTracker, Bfxr for audio
Adobe Premiere, After Effects for editing


FIRST Robotics Competition teams are allowed to submit for a variety of different awards, even before the competitions begin. One such award is the Digital Animation Award, where teams must produce a 3D animation based around a theme. The 2018 theme was Power Up.

My high school team had never submitted for this award before, and it was suggested to me by my coach. I worked alone in three weeks to learn how to animate using keyframes in Blender, how to render an animation, how to bake 3D physics into a scene, and how to produce and add my own music to the video.

A view of the Blender scene.

While we failed to win the award, the video was selected as one of the judging panel's favorite animations against nearly 100 other submissions worldwide.

The finished product!