Ludum Dare 46

I worked on a two-person team to develop a video game in 72 hours, competing against entrants from around the world.


Dates Apr. 2020
Tools Used Adobe Illustrator, Godot, Krita, Bfxr
Git version control


Ludum Dare is a biannual game development competition where designers and developers from all over the world compete to make the best video game within a 72-hour span based on a theme, which is revealed at the beginning of the time limit. The theme of the 46th Ludum Dare was "Keep it alive." This edition of the Ludum Dare was characterized by the COVID-19 pandemic, which lead to record-breaking participation that exceeded 4,500 global game submissions.


We decided to create an ice cream parlor simulator where the player's goal is to rapidly serve customers in their parlor while earning enough income to hire help and keep their business alive. At the end of each in-game day, however, a horde of monsters attack the parlor, requiring the player to arm themselves and defeat the monsters before they destroy too much equipment or terrorize too many customers.

I was tasked with designing all of the graphics, programming each user interface element, and modelling the gameplay.

Of the 3,576 games in our category, we placed 295th overall, in addition to earning high rankings in other categories such as Fun (125th), Innovation (238th), and Humor (170th).

"You have a wonderful sense of comedy and drama- not only within the plot and mechanics- but through the audio and visuals as well. I mean, the characters are very reminiscent of ice cream cones. Super impressive jam game. And the self-reflexivity! I think every game developer should be required to play this game."

- Ludum Dare reviewer