Databased Wordmark Design

I designed a wordmark based on a data privacy publication concept.


Dates Aug. 2021–Sep. 2021
Tools Used Adobe Illustrator, InDesign


I developed a concept for a technology publication called Databased, which focuses on data privacy, its real-world consequences, and why it should matter to everyday people. My task was to create a wordmark for this publication that would embody its content and descriptive qualities.

"Databased is an unrelenting watchdog that scrutinizes tech giants and lays bare the real-world consequences of intrusive data collection."

- Excerpt from concept statement


A focal point of each design as iterations went on was to illustrate the literal connection between data privacy and the real world. This culminated in a wordmark that possesses the imperfect, humanist curves and strokes of a friendly typeface combined with the perfect, geometric arcs of computer or console type.