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The 27th gm(48)

A globally competitive game made in 48 hours.

In July of 2018, I competed in the 27th edition of the gm(48), a 48-hour regularly occurring game jam. The theme constraint with which the contestants had to compete under was "Countdown."

I created a game called "Armageddon," a top-down shooter game where the goal is simply to reach the end of each level. The one catch is that the environment becomes gradually more evil as play continues: the grass changes color, the previously docile bunnies turn aggressive, and the trees begin to lift themselves out of the ground and run at the player.

After users voted on the game, it placed 38th out of 77 qualifying entries and boasted a ranking of 10th in the Gameplay category. This was the first 48-hour game jam I had participated in prior to that point and, unfortunately, due to external influences, features had to be cut, and the final product had an unsatisfactory number of glitches.