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Ludum Dare 40

A game made in just 72 hours receiving high marks from players.

In December of 2017, I competed in the 40th edition of the Ludum Dare, the world's most popular game jam. Over 2,800 developers work to produce their own games under both a time constraint of either 48 or 72 hours and an additional theme constraint. The theme was "The more you have, the worse it is." I opted to work alone under the 72 hour limit.

My game was titled "Armed Descent," and the player's goal was to reach the end of a series of 12 levels, shooting robots and evading damage to reach a door at the end of levels. Whenever the player picked up more ammunition, however, their maximum health would decrease, presenting the need for careful aiming and planning. I wrote all the code, designed all the graphics, and produced all the sound effects within 72 hours.

My game placed 255th overall against 1,848 entries in the 72 hour group, and was placed at 74th in the Fun category. This is the first game jam I had ever participated in.