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A scouting application for FIRST Robotics Teams built for offline collaboration.

For the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition season, I built a public web app to be used to record data on opponents present at a competition. The app is branded as 4855 Scouter, named for the team number of the team I participated in, but it is available for anyone to view and download. The app is also open source and can be viewed by anyone through GitHub.

One of the main constraints was the lack of reliable internet at any given event. Due to the volume of people present at a competition, most venues cannot deliver consistent wi-fi. This prompted me to build the application in a web app medium that can be downloaded onto any device and viewed in the web browser. It allows scouts to record data on individual robot performance during each individual match. This data, packed into a JSON file, is delivered to a lead scouter via flash drive, who can then analyze the data through many built-in tools. This includes a match simulator that creates a predicted match outcome and score breakdown, and a picklist generator that allows a team to find the best robots at the event using custom rating techniques and algorithms.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition season was suspended, and the 4855 team was only able to use the app at a single competition.